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Jarrod Estes of Felt & Fur
Completely kills it!! Every artist who works with him will agree 100%! Extremely professional, knows what he's doing, and is very easy going. Every question I had about the process was answered in extreme detail, and most importantly, the final product sounds amazing! I tend not to trust a lot of people's ear because I'm a biased know it all musician like the rest of us, but Michael hears EVERYTHING I hear, so it was a breeze working with him during the mixing phase.
Poppy Xander of Starfruit
Michael Briggs is the kind of engineer you want, cool, calm, collected, logical, fast as hell on those keyboard shortcuts, with a great ear. Briggs really knows his stuff and it’s always great to come in and record at Civil Audio. Looking forward to more! (Also that pour over coffee... bonus!!!)
Scarlett Wright of New Science Projects
A+ recording experience. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He really understands exactly what the artists are trying to achieve. I've recorded with Michael in 3 different bands, all vastly different genres and every recording session has been outstanding.
Dillon Stanley of Sylvania Ave
Michael is an amazing human and wonderful sound engineer! Best coffee in Denton hands down. He was super helpful in helping my band get the sound we were looking for and will be trying to send more bands his way. Super professional. Record with him.
Abe Hill of Rei Clone
Best recording experience in DFW. Michael Briggs is incredibly professional, easy to work with, and knows what he is doing. He offers very affordable rates, putting quality audio recording and mixing into the grasp of every musician. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.
Jo Higginbotham
Michael Briggs is both professional and patient. He shows care for the music being made and puts that care into the work. Definitely the best in Denton
Donovan Ford of Big Hand // Big Knife
The waiter is very friendly, the food came out quick, and they nailed my order (two eggs, scrambled, and hash browns in a ring with dry toast). Plus, what a deal! But, really, best place to record in Denton.
Al Rios of Special Guest
I've had the pleasure of recording with Michael lots of times over the years and he just keeps getting better and better. Recording can be mind-numbing and frustrating, but Michael makes it fun and rewarding. He listens to what we wanted and offers advice when necessary without being overbearing. It's the perfect balance between DIY recording and studio recording.
Lillian Cormack of Better Now
Michael does amazing work! My band has recorded with him four different times and each time has been better than the last. He also did our music video and it turned out perfectly
Sarah Ruth of They Say The Wind Made Them Crazy
Super efficient and super proficient! Always a great experience!!
Cody Daniels of Giant of the Mountain
Very professional, made us sound great, and worked with us to get the sound we wanted.
Kyle Pennington of Record Setter
I absolutely loved the two days we spent recording here! The experience was calm and relaxing while still being extremely productive. Michael always had great advice and ideas and was very patient throughout the whole process. He listened to every idea we had and worked hard to get the exact sound we wanted. The quality of the recordings were outstanding and it reflects the hard work and attention he put into each song.
Joseph Prein of Law of Jante
Excellent engineer, better friend. Michael is the cream of the crop and the king on the top when it comes to cranking off a record.
Joe Stobaugh
I am so thankful to have had the chance to record at Civil! I needed to record a commissioned piece that involved tracking a variety of instruments and also included two children as vocal soloists. This was the children's first time in a studio environment: Michael put everyone at ease right away and we all had an incredible experience all the way around. From booking the session to tracking and then mixing and mastering I had a tremendous experience and the final product sounds great! If you have the opportunity, don't miss the chance to create at Civil!
Nathan Stölzer of The Recessions
Such a stellar expirence recording with Michael! Meticulous, quick, and fun to work with!
Christopher Von Mises of Aztec Death
We recorded our first Aztec Death album here and I was quite satisfied with the experience. Not only will you get a quality recording on your record, but Michael Briggs is easy to work with. If you're looking for a place to record in Denton, you should do it here because you'll get a lot of bang for your buck.
Alek Walker of The Rotisserie Chickens
The band I play guitar in, The Rotisserie Chickens, had the opportunity to record our second album with Michael. He was kind, unbelievably patient, professional, and awesome to work with! Quality of the album is excellent and the mix/master is perfect. We definitely look forward to working with him again!
Ray Wood of The Ellen Degenerates
Best producer to work with hands down you get your money's worth. Oh and the coffee... AMAZING!
Kyle Farley of I Am Clark Kent
If your thinking about going anywhere else in Denton for recordings, think again. Super professional recordings and Briggs knows what he is doing and a great guy to work with.
James Jimmings of HOOF
Briggs is the man. A great place to record and the sound you get you will not be disappointed with. You will leave with a great product every time.
Zachariah Walker of Fun Button
You will be amazed at the quality and professionalism of Michael Briggs's work. You will want to give him way more money then he asks for.