In addition to recording at the studio, I also do mobile and location recording for any type of music, from classical recitals to recording bands at practice spaces to live shows at venues. Click here for more info.

I have the most experience (over 14 years total) with recording various types rock bands, but any and all genres are welcome!
Genres that I have worked with include: rock, metal, screamo, emo, indie, folk, tech-death, hip hop, electronic, noise, pop punk, shoegaze, jazz, noise rock, psychedelic, math rock, hardcore, folk punk, etc, etc.

Many bands that I record with prefer to track all instruments live and overdub vocals. Civil Recording is proud to offer live full band tracking including drums, up to two guitar amps and a bass amp all at the same time with isolation between all amps for maximum sonic quality and full control in the mixing process. All players are typically in the same live room with the drummer and listening to everyone’s amps in custom headphone mixes.

I feel that for most (rock) bands that is the best way to capture the true feeling of the music and the band playing live. Everything just feels more natural and the timing feels better when everyone can be in the same room and make eye contact with the drummer, etc. This also normally goes much more quickly than tracking everything separately and most records are made in 2 days. The first day is normally full band tracking with drums and then the second day is any fixes/overdubs, vocal tracking and then any misc extras/tweaks that you might have in mind. I will then do the initial mix on my own over the span of a couple of weeks (rush mixing is avail) and then send it to you to take your time to listen to on whatever system that you normally listen to music on and you are comfortable with. You can then send me any revisions that you’d like and we can go back and forth with that until you’re 100% happy. I’m not satisfied until the band feels that the mix is awesome and perfect. You’re also welcome to come in and we can finalize the mix in person if you’d prefer and make any small tweaks together in the studio. There’s no extra charge for quick final mix tweaks sessions.

We can also take our time and track all instruments separately if you would prefer. For example we can record the drums first to a click with or without a guide/scratch guitar/bass track and then once we get drums done, we can fill in everything else and make sure all takes are as perfect as you want them to be. I’m more than happy to work this way if you would prefer. Let me know if you have any questions at all about the recording process.

The standard rate for tracking in the studio is $200/day (approx 8-9 hours).
Hourly sessions are available for $25/hour ($50 minimum).
Mobile recording rates vary based on the project. Please contact me for details.
Mixing and mastering is currently only $100 for all songs recorded (will likely go up soon).
I don’t charge by the song and there is no limit to the amount of songs that we can do in a session.

Civil Recording is a fully digital and modern home-based studio featuring 24 tracks of ins and outs and up to 9 individual, custom headphone mixes for each player when recording live. Civil features dozens of various microphones of various types as well as an assortment of keyboards, guitars, drums and various noise makers.

You can see some of the individual gear pieces that are available for studio use below. Not all gear below is housed in the studio at all times so please contact us in advance of your session if you would like to use something in particular to ensure availability.

CategoryMakeModelType / SizeNotesOwnerSort
Amp / Head Gretsch 6159 Tube 2x12 Combo 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Gallien-Krueger 1001RB Solid State 700 watts 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Peavey Mace Tube 160 watts 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Verellen Meatsmoke Tube 300 watts 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Sunn Beta Bass Solid State 100W 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Randall RG80ES Solid State 100W 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Hiwatt DR103 Tube 150W 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Traynor TS-50B Solid State 50W 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Traynor TS-200 Solid State 200W 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Carlsboro 50 Top Tube 50W 24/03/2017 1
Amp / Head Sunn Coliseum 880 Solid State ~300W 24/03/2017 1
Cabinet Dietz-style 1 x 15 400 Watts 24/03/2017 2
Cabinet Vox 4 x 12 280 watts 8 ohms 24/03/2017 2
Cabinet Avatar 4 x 10 700 watts 4 ohms 24/03/2017 2
Cabinet Marshall 1960a 4x12 800W 8 ohms, loaded with EVs 24/03/2017 2
Cabinet 2x12 150W 8 Ohms 24/03/2017 2
Cabinet Avatar 1x12 200W 8 Ohms, EVM-12L 24/03/2017 2
Electric Guitar Hagstrom II Made in Sweden ~1967 24/03/2017 3
Electric Guitar Gibson L6-S 24/03/2017 3
Electric Guitar Dean Custom Zone 24/03/2017 3
Acoustic Guitar Epiphone DR 24/03/2017 4
Acoustic Guitar Carlos 12-String 24/03/2017 4
Bass Squier P + J Bass Upgraded Pickups 24/03/2017 5
Bass Peavey Patriot 24/03/2017 5
Pedals Zvex Fuzz Factory Fuzz 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Heavy Grind Fuzz Fuzz 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Alesis Ampliton Tremolo 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Digitech JamMan Looper 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Arc Effects Big Green Fuzz 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Proco Rat 90's big box reissue. Lm308n chip 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Tronographic Boxidizer Pre-amp pedal 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Tronographic Rusty Box TS-50B preamp 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Lone Wolf Audio Left Hand Wrath HM-2 Variant 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Lone Wolf Audio Minotaur Klon clone 24/03/2017 6
Pedals Sanford and Sonny Bluebeard Big Muff 24/03/2017 6
Keyboard Yamaha VSS-30 Digital voice sampler 24/03/2017 7
Percussion Yamaha Bell Kit 24/03/2017 8