1. Metal Flesh Born 1:41
  2. Emo Two Knights 2:02
  3. Pop Punk Special Guest 1:14
  4. Folk New Science Projects 3:28
  5. Hardcore Collick 5:00
  6. Folk Punk Cheap Haircuts 2:25
  7. Hardcore Litigators 3:25
  8. Melodic Rock Losing 3:17
  9. Power Pop No Touching 1:55
  10. Shoegaze Joy Sores 3:05
  11. Weird Eat Avery's Bones 1:06
  12. Screamo Innards 1:20
  13. Stoner Metal Plunge 4:47
  14. Melodic Rock The Angelus 4:43
  15. Death Rock Just Another Monster 3:13
  16. Emo Anger House 2:27

My name is Michael Briggs and I’m the owner and engineer of the Civil Recording studio in Denton, Texas. I have recorded, mixed and mastered albums for over 100 bands.

I also run the Violitionist Sessions website which features bands from all over the world who have performed and recorded live sessions at my studio. To date, I have recorded, mixed and mastered over 150 live sessions with bands of all different genres, from technical death metal to hip hop to acoustic folk.

I have many over 14 years of experience in mixing and mastering many genres, especially punk, rock, indie, emo, metal and folk. You can take a listen to some of the Samples and see if you like what you hear.

I will always do my best to make sure you are fully satisfied with the mix of your album. I keep my rates affordable to ensure that every band can make a great sounding album.

If you’re looking for tracking services in Denton, TX (about 30 minutes
North of Dallas), check out the recording page.