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Will definitely be recording with Michael again. Amazing recording experience and a cool cat.
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My name is Michael Briggs and I'm an audio engineer from Denton, TX. I have over 14 years of experience with audio and have had the great pleasure to have worked with hundreds of bands at this point across many different genres.

I often do it all when bands come to me to make a record: tracking, mixing and mastering. Civil Audio/Recording is the name given to my studio, located in the heart of Denton, TX (just north of Dallas). In the past I ran a small record label, a DIY house venue and a non-profit coffee roasting company. I still run the Violitionist Sessions website, although we are not recording new sessions for that site at this time.

Thanks for checking out the site and your potential interest in working together. Please take a moment and listen to some of my work in the sidebar. There are songs from a lot of genres, so hopefully you find something that you like that is similar to your style of music. If not, that's cool too, as I'm always looking to expand and work on new genres and I promise that I will always give it 100%, doing the very best I can no matter what. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. I'm not happy until you're totally happy. 'Pretty good' is not good enough. I want you to love your mix and we will work on it until you do.

I am happy to take you through the whole process of recording a single, EP or LP, whether it be for free release on Bandcamp or a 12" vinyl on a label. I've done it all. In addition to offering live full band tracking (with full isolation) at my studio in Denton, I'm now offering online mixing and mastering services. Now you can record the tracks yourself or do it at another studio local to you and send me the tracks to mix and master. I'm happy to offer this service to artists anywhere in the world. Proximity to North Texas is no longer an issue.

Let me know if you have any questions at all, or if you're ready go ahead and book studio time or send me your files to get started on your mix. I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to working together.